Know your chess
strengths and weaknesses

First step to improvement is to understand weaknesses. Let us analyze your games from or and provide you with personalized lessons and insights over various aspects of your game.

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Quick individual Reports

Find out your strengths and weaknesses over various aspects

Popular mistakes in openings

Find out in which openings players frequently making mistakes

Personalized lessons

Study lessons crafted from your own games to improve faster


Compare two players between each other in various aspects

When you see a good move, look for a better one.

Emanuel Lasker

Data Driven Education

Great for chess coaches
and chess enthusiasts

With data driven approach chess coaches are able to be focused on concrete student weaknesses and track progress over time. As well as chess enthusiasts will be able to spent their limited time for education as effective as possible.

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Individual Reports Contains

Basic win rate analysis

Quick overview on your performance with white/black pieces.

Opening performance

How often player dominates with this or that opening? Which opening to improve?

Advantage capitalization

How often are you able to convert advantage into victory?


How often are you able to recover from awful position?


How often are you making inaccuracies / mistakes / blunders in compare with same rating players?

Win rate per weekday

Is there any days of the week when you are doing better/worser than usual?

Long thinking outcome?

How often are you doing good moves after long considerations?


(Under development)
How often are you losing winning endgames?

Time management

(Under development)
How often do you get in time trouble?


$0 /mo


  • 3 reports
  • 40 games per report
  • Limited daily lessons

$5.99 /mo


  • Analysis of 1000 previous games
  • Analysis of all future games
  • 2x deeper games analysis
  • Unlimited lessons
  • Full statistics
  • Tracking 2 chess accounts
  • Progress tracking

$5.99 /student per mo


  • Groups support
  • Reports per groups
  • 2 chess accounts per student
  • All games being analysed

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